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Italian passenger steamship Brioni

Lat: 43.014620214191 Lng: 16.229140728836
Italian passenger steamship Brioni
The steamship Brioni was a mixed passenger-cargo ship, built in the shipyard Cantiere Navale Triestino in Monfalcone (Italy). The ship was delivered in December 1909 to the client, the Lloyd Austriaco company from Trieste. It sailed along the coastal route to Dalmatia and Albania transporting passengers and cargo. During the time of the First World War from August 1914 it sailed for the navy as a transport ship. On the night of 16th February 1917 it ran aground on the islet of Galun near Krk. It was refloated on 1st March 1917 and went back into military service in April 1917. When after the First World War the company Lloyd Austriaco became Italian, the ship was kept in its fleet for another full six years. Then in 1925 the Brioni was sold to the Societa di Navigazione a Vapore Puglia from Bari in whose service it continued to sail along the Adriatic coast.

During a voyage from Split, in poor visibility and due to a navigational error, on 2nd February 1930 it ran aground not far from the Cape of Jezera on the islet of Ravnik, and quickly sank. According to the available information it was transporting a cargo of tobacco and wine. It is not known to us whether there were any victims. 
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