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Greek cargo steamship

Lat: 43.004662382828 Lng: 16.065159271164
Greek cargo steamship
In the Kremer Sohn shipyard in northern Germany in 1953 was built a rather small cargo ship of 874 tons. It was given the name Alsterpark from the title of its parent company P/R Alsterpark from Hamburg. It was a motor ship intended for coastal navigation.  In 1967 the ship changed owners. The new owner was a Greek company from Piraeus and the ship was renamed the Peltastis.

During the night of 7th - 8th January a hurricane like storm hit Kvarner (Croatia). Not even the power of the ship’s engine could help in the struggle with the wind and the waves so the ship slowly drew closer to the rocky shore of the island of Krk, between the location of Šilo and the cove of Solin. Several crashes on the underwater rocks caused a breach in the engine room and the ship sank at 03.50hrs. From the 12 members of the crew four were rescued. 

The top of the bow is at a depth of 15 metres, whilst the deepest part of the ship - the propeller is at a depth of 33 metres. 
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