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Italian Ironclad Re d’Italia

Lat: 43.17737413346 Lng: 16.038989201777
Italian Ironclad Re d’Italia
The Re d'Italia (King of Italy) was the lead ship of the Re d'Italia-class armored frigates built in the United States for the Italian Regia Marina (Royal Navy) in the early 1860s. The two Re d'Italia-class ships were the only Italian ironclads built in the United States. The ships were broadside ironclads, armed with a battery of six 72-pounder guns and thirty-two 164 mm guns.

Re d'Italia was 99.61 meters long overall; she had a beam of 16.76 m and an average draft of 6.17 m. She displaced 5,610 long tons normally and up to 5,869 long tons at full load. Her hull was built from green wood She had a crew of 565.

Re d'Italia initially served as the flagship of the Italian fleet, though she was replaced by the turret ship Affondatore shortly before the Battle of Lissa in 1866. During that battle, Re d'Italia was at the center of the melee. After her rudder was disabled by an Austrian vessel, the Austrian flagship, Erzherzog Ferdinand Max rammed her and tore a large hole in her hull. Re d'Italia quickly rolled over and sank, taking some 400 of her crew with the ship, including her captain, Emilio Faà di Bruno.
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