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German Infantry transporter

Lat: 42.771292695101 Lng: 17.873199271164
German Infantry transporter
In the autumn of 1944, German forces were in a phase of massive retreat towards the north of the whole Balkan region, abandoning regions such as Greece and Albania due to the pressure from the Allied Forces. A significant proportion of materials and personnel were transferred by sea towards the north along the eastern shores of the Adriatic using all available sailing craft. On 18th October the German navy forces began the evacuation of Dubrovnik, from which two navy artillery boats sailed out. About 350 people boarded each boat.

In the afternoon of the same day, Sub-Lieutenant Müller was ordered to blow up the remaining three infantry landing boats (the I-O-15, I-O-46 and I-W-68) and all three crews were to be transferred to one truck in a convoy of a retreating German column. After some time all three boats were sunk, in the area in front of the entrance to Slano cove. The wreck of the infantry landing boat which lies near the southern cape outside Slano cove is one of the three boats mentioned in the report by Sub-Lieutenant Müller.

The wreck lies on a gentle, sandy, underwater slope at a depth of 25-28 m, and it is about 50 m away from the coast, slightly tilted on its right side. The right engine room is completely intact, the top hatch is open which also served as the entrance to the engine room. A few metres further from the bow on the seabed lies a 20 mm anti-aircraft gun. It is decorated with clusters of yellow tube sponges as well as large black sponges.
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