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Italian passenger steamship Re Umberto

Lat: 40.423364101162 Lng: 19.289172179663
Italian passenger steamship Re Umberto
The Re Umberto, built by G. Ansaldo & Co. in 1892 and operated by Semidei & Ferrari, was an Italian passenger steamer of 3184 tons. 

In November 1915 Italian War Minister Zuppelli, decided to send the Italian Special Corps to Albania with the task of reinforcing the fortified harbour of Valona, already under the control of Italian forces. The first convoy left on December 2nd and the second convoy, consisting of the troop carrier steamers Re Umberto and Valparaiso escorted by four destroyers, departed from Taranto in the afternoon of 3rd December 1915. At 9.45 the ships had already passed Punta Linguetta and were sailing in the security channel towards the Bay of Valona when a loud explosion was heard and a high column of smoke and water rose from the port side of the Re Umberto which fifteen minutes later broke in two pieces and sank almost immediately with the loss of 94 men. 

The wreck was found only in August 2007 by Italian divers. 
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