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Italian cargo steampship Citta di Messina

Lat: 40.155989089645 Lng: 18.916193512046
Italian cargo steampship Citta di Messina
The Citta Di Messina was built by N. Odero fu A. & Co. in 1910 and owned at the time of her loss by Ferrovie Dello Stato (Palermo, Italy). She was a steamer of 3.495 tons. 

On June 23rd, 1916, Citta Di Messina was in the company od French destroyer Fourche when it was sunk by the Austrian submarine U-15, 20 miles east of Otranto. Fourche counter-attacked with depth charges, and believing the submarine was destroyed, started to pick up survivors from the Citta di Messina. U-15 then torpedoed Fourche. Fourche broke in two pieces and sank. 
There were 33 casualties on Citta di Messina. 
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