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Italian cargo steamship Lina

Lat: 45.102390825089 Lng: 14.279228008994
Italian cargo steamship Lina
The steamship Lina was constructed in 1879 at the Newcastle on Tyne shipyard in the United Kingdom for the company Vinuesa & Co. It sailed under the name Nuevo Estramandura until 1903 when it was purchased by the Franco-Tunisian Navigation Company and renamed Ville de Nemours.

Lina sailed the world's seas for twenty-two years under the names Ville de Nemours and Nuevo Estramandura when in 1907 Vincenzo Granata, owner of the "Adriatica" company in Bari, acquired the ship. Lina continued its service in the hands of the new owner until the eve of World War I. On the night of January 14, 1914, under the command of Captain Giuseppe Cicconardi, the crew lost orientation due to dense fog while navigating through the Vela vrata (channel between the island of Cres and the Istrian coast in Croatia). Subsequently, severe weather conditions forced the ship onto the shore near Cape Pečen on Cres, and it quickly sank.

The ship lies on a sandy seabed, with its bow facing the shore. Positioned in the middle of a small cove approximately 50 meters south of Cape Pečen, the seabed drops sharply. The bow of the ship is at a depth of 20 meters, while the stern reaches 55 meters. 
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