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French destroyer Dague

Lat: 42.09328847873 Lng: 19.083429294519
French destroyer Dague
The French destroyers Dague and Folex were escorting the English steamer Whitehead, which, in February 1915, brought a shipment of food aid to the port of Bar for the local population and the Montenegrin army. 

While protecting the transport, the destroyers remained at anchor. On February 24, a strong wind caused the anchors of the destroyer Dag to drag along the seabed. Several hundred meters from the Topolica villa, Dag struck an Austro-Hungarian mine. The damage to the ship's hull was fatal. The engine room filled with water, causing the entire ship to lift. The bow disappeared beneath the surface first, and soon the entire ship sank, taking the lives of 39 crew members. The remaining crew members were saved by swimming to the breakwater or transferring to the Folex, which quickly approached to offer assistance. 

The wreckage of the ship lies on the sandy seabed at a maximum depth of 18 meters, and all three parts of the wreckage are relatively close to each other.
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