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Italian cargo ship Quinto

Lat: 42.057275007387 Lng: 19.112387497142
Italian cargo ship Quinto
The Quinto cargo ship was built in 1922 and was serving as a tanker and supply ship for the Italian Navy at the beginning of the WW2. On 31.12.1940 it was hunted down by the Greek submarine Katsonis Y-1, and sunk just south of Bar, some 300 m of the point Sogavica. Both submarine torpedoes missed. According to eyewitnesses, submarine surfaced and around 7:30 opened cannon fire from around 500m distance. After several strong explosions ship caught fire and finally went down around 9:20. There is no detailed record of the ship’s cargo or the crew, but according to some sources, there were around 10 casualties

The wreck is laying on its side at the depth of 57 meters, with a propeller and anchor exposed. It sustained heavy damage, so there are several large rips that allow access to some parts of the haul. The ship’s cargo contained a number of metal drums filled with diesel fuel. They can be found around the wreck.
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