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Italian cargo steamer Oreste

Lat: 42.272121334993 Lng: 18.801546984938
Italian cargo steamer Oreste
The Oreste wreck lies between Jaz Beach and Trsteno Beach about 2.5 kilometers away from Budva (Montenegro). The original name of the ship was Morby, built at Ropner & Sin Shipyard in 1896. In 1926 it was renamed by the new owner Mateo Scuderia of Catania. It was privately owned during World War II. On March 27, 1942, at about 10 o’clock, Oreste landed on the underwater mine and sank within two hours. Oreste was on his way from Split (Croatia) to the Bar (Montenegro). There is no information about Oreste’s victims.

The ship sank to the sandy bottom, relatively straight, at a depth of 32m. The first time that the wreck was explored was in 1955.
During the explosion, the ship was halved in two parts, about 20m apart. The hull is patched. On the back (stern) are the tunnel shafts. Steam loading winches, in almost intact condition, are arranged across the deck. Remains of the steam engine protrude from the deck of the ship. On the scattered parts of the command bridge, one can clearly see parts of the steering gear characteristic of ships of that era.
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