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Yugoslavian Patrol ship PBR 512

Lat: 42.399042556666 Lng: 18.576487861138
Yugoslavian Patrol ship PBR 512
The patrol boat PBR 512 was built at "Tito's Shipyard" in Kraljevica in 1952. It served as a vessel for protecting the Yugoslav state border at sea and was in operation until 1972 when it was decommissioned.

On its final journey, the patrol boat PBR 512 set sail as a target for missile training in 1983. During the exercise, the boat was hit and began to sink. The tugboat crew attempted to tow it to the shipyard in Tivat, but due to significant water ingress, it sank near Žanjic beach (Montenegro). The wreckage of the patrol boat PBR 512, popularly known as Patrolac, now rests at a maximum depth of 24 meters on the sandy seabed.
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