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Austro-Hungarian passenger ship Tihany

Lat: 42.399856655859 Lng: 18.557523407885
Austro-Hungarian passenger ship Tihany
The Tihany was built in Trieste (Italy) in 1908 and was used as a transportation ship bringing on engine oil and coal. On 12th of February 1917 Tihany got stranded due to bad weather conditions and poor navigation. Soon after, assistance arrived, and the SS Tihani was refloated, but during this operation, the hull sustained damage. While being towed, the ship started taking on water. The crew attempted in vain to throw coal into the sea to lighten the ship. Unfortunately, the vessel, without casualties, subsequently sank near the island of Mamula. The hull of the ship still bears visible scars of the damage that led to its sinking.

Tihany wreckage lie on sandy bottom on 40m depth. The wreckage is in one piece and well preserved. The length of the ship is 45m, the width is 5m.
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