Category: Salinas Country: Italy

Salina di Punta della Contessa

Lat: 40.610625322832 Lng: 18.020495381008
Salina di Punta della Contessa
Punta della Contesa Salt Pans (Salina di Punta della Contessa) is an area is characterized by extensive freshwater basins along the coast and numerous channels that flow into the sea, collecting rainwater. These basins are located at some distance from the sea, separated by dunes that are not particularly large and do not manage to hinder certain storm surges, allowing seawater to reach the basins.

The oasis is of great ornithological importance, especially in the "Foggia di Rau" channel, where it is possible to find the European pond turtle (Emys orbicularis), a population that, however, has experienced a demographic decline in recent decades.

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