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Solana Ston

Lat: 42.837172663178 Lng: 17.695714141928
Solana Ston
The Ston area, thanks to its geographical location, fertile fields, abundance of water, and salt pans, along with its natural wealth and the short isthmus connecting the Pelješac Peninsula (Croatia) to the mainland, became an important habitat for humans in ancient times. The saltworks date back to Roman times, around two millennia BC.

The tradition of salt harvesting has been passed down for 4,000 years, and from then until today, salt is produced in the same way, solely with the help of sea, sun, and wind. The saltworks consist of 58 basins divided into five groups, as the entire process goes through five phases, lasting one to two months, depending on the weather.

The Ston salt pans, in their current form dating back to the time of the Dubrovnik Republic, and their overall layout, excellently illustrate the complex salt production from the Middle Ages. They are a first-rate cultural monument and a destination for tourist visits. The method of production has not changed over the centuries, ensuring the preservation of high-quality salt in such environmentally healthy conditions, meeting the needs of an advanced modern economy. 
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