Category: Salinas Country: Croatia

Solana Pag

Lat: 44.438697883347 Lng: 15.05616371987
Solana Pag
Solana Pag is the largest producer of sea salt in the Republic of Croatia and the only saltworks on the island of Pag. Solana Pag is located on the island of Pag near the town of Pag. The area where the sea salt production activities take place covers 256 hectares.

The entire area of Solana Pag is part of the Natura 2000 ecological network, recognized as important for the conservation of endangered species and habitat types of the European Union. The most renowned product of Solana Pag is Pag salt, which bears the Protected Designation of Origin label and the Croatian Island Product label. The entire production is based on the highest ecological standards, respecting all natural factors.

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