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Salina di Cervia

Lat: 44.248457470145 Lng: 12.330520391661
Salina di Cervia
Before delving into the salt pans, it's worth noting that Cervia was historically known as the "city of the three sites" as it was rebuilt three times in different periods. The first reconstruction occurred during the Greek era (when the area was called Ficocle). In 709, the Exarch Theodore destroyed it as punishment for joining Ravenna against Constantinople.

As a result, the region was rebuilt within the salt pans. However, due to numerous deaths caused by poor sanitation, the community had to be relocated to a more favorable location. The city was rebuilt, and by 1907, a new maritime zone was created, followed by the establishment of the Cervia beach in 1911. 

 Regarding its history, the traditional salt collection method was preserved until 1959 when industrial harvesting began. The process starts in late winter (with the draining of rainwater pools accumulated during the coldest months) and continues until April. 

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