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Tivatska solila

Lat: 42.395839696723 Lng: 18.709788727111
Tivatska solila
Tivat Salt Pans (Tivatska solila) are located in the coastal area of Tivat Bay (Boka Kotorska, Montenegro), Montenegro, between the rivers Odoljenatica and Koločunja, encompassing the centuries-old former saltworks and including the seabed of Jankova Voda. This area was formed by the sedimentation of deposits in the Široka River and Koložun River basin, along with human activities. With the aid of sunlight and wind, people obtained salt from seawater in pools.

The salt pans were first mentioned in the books of Kotor notaries in 1333 as one of the four lawful places for salt sales.

Half of the salt pans consist of muddy basins with embankments up to a maximum height of 15 cm, filled with seawater, while the other half comprises narrow pools and channels with marsh vegetation.

To date, around 120 bird species out of a total of 330 regularly seen in Montenegro have been recorded in the Salt Pans. The presence of 11 species from the "Annex I" of the EU Directive on the Conservation of Wild Birds speaks volumes about the significance of this area for European birdlife. 
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