Category: Salinas Country: Italy

Saline Margherita di Savoia

Lat: 41.408357759254 Lng: 16.035671329911
Saline Margherita di Savoia
Saline Margherita di Savoia extend over a strip approximately 20 km long, reaching a maximum depth of about 5 km inland. The total area is around 4500 hectares, with approximately 4000 hectares covered by water.

The latter area is divided into evaporative (3500 hectares) and salt pans (500 hectares). The remaining 500 hectares include roads, embankments, stacking areas, workshops, offices, housing, etc. The evaporative surface is used to bring seawater to saturation with respect to sodium chloride. The other water-covered area constitutes the salt pan where salt is obtained.

This area is continuously supplied with saturated water prepared by the evaporative zone. The evaporative ponds of the saltworks have variable surfaces and shapes depending on the altimetric profile of the terrain. The salt pans, while retaining variability in surface area, are perfectly regular in shape for harvesting purposes. 
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