Category: Nationally designated areas Country: Montenegro

Park prirode Katic

Lat: 42.18123 Lng: 18.9502
Park prirode Katic
In 2021 Government of Montenegro decided to declare the area of the Nature Park Katič. The Katič area is placed under protection due to the value of its biodiversity, particularly focusing on species and habitats significant for conservation, such as habitats for the protected seagrass species Posidonia oceanica. This seagrass, a Mediterranean endemic, functions as the "lungs" of the Mediterranean, is protected by national and international legislation, and is listed as a priority habitat for conservation. Additionally, coraligenous biocoenoses are highlighted around the island of Veliki Katič and in Maljevik Bay along with caves, especially in Perčin Bay.

The total area of the Nature Park Katič is 2744.93 hectares.
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