Category: Nationally designated areas Country: Montenegro

Park prirode Platamuni

Lat: 42.29813 Lng: 18.73165
Park prirode Platamuni
In 2021 Government of Montenegro decided to declare the area of the Nature Park Platamuni as the first protected marine area in Montenegro.

The area of the Nature Park Platamuni encompasses part of the coastal sea with the corresponding shoreline between Trašte Bay – Cape Žabica in the northwest and Cape Platamuni near Ploče Beach in the southeast, aiming to protect the designated and ecologically significant marine and coastal species and habitats.

Within the Platamuni area, there are important habitats for the protected seagrass species Posidonia oceanica. Additionally, the marine caves near Cape Platamuni and in Velika Krekavica Bay are noteworthy, with the Velika Krekavica cave representing an exceptionally important habitat containing diverse coraligenous organisms.
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