Category: Nationally designated areas Country: Montenegro

Tivatska solila

Lat: 42.39377 Lng: 18.71358
Tivatska solila
Special Nature Reserve Tivatska solila is located in the marshy area of the coastal belt of the Bay of Tivat (Montenegro).

The Tivatska solila site was designated as a special nature reserve in 2008 to preserve rare, sparse, and endangered plant and animal species, primarily ornithofauna and plant communities. This nature reserve covers an area of approximately 150 hectares.

Tivatska solila represent one of the last habitats of halophytic vegetation on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea and serve as a crucial point on the Adriatic Flyway, the Adriatic migratory corridor for birds. Since 2009, Solila has been designated as an Important Bird Area (IBA) – an area of international significance for bird habitat, and it is also recognized as an Emerald site under the Bern Convention. Since 2013, the Solila Reserve has been listed as a wetland of international importance under the Ramsar Convention.
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