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Kanal - Luka

Lat: 43.7449 Lng: 15.86471
Kanal - Luka
Significant Landscape Kanal - Luka (Značajni krajobraz Kanal - Luka) encompasses the area from the Šibenik Bridge to the exit of the St. Ante Channel, extending to the St. Nicholas Fortress, along with the surrounding coastal space. This area is divided into the Šibenik Bay and the St. Ante Channel. The Šibenik Bay is further divided into Paklenu, Martinsku, and Pećinu-Zekovac. The boundary of the landscape passes through the middle of the bay, parallel to the orientation of the city of Šibenik. The St. Ante Channel begins between two capes, the northwestern Cape Burnji Turn and the southeastern Cape Južni Turn. The channel is a natural phenomenon, characterized by numerous capes and bays, with a length of about 2,500 meters, a width ranging from 140 to 220 meters, and a depth of up to 42 meters. Within the landscape, there are two reefs.

The significant landscape of the Canal – the harbor is situated in the eumediterranean vegetation zone, in the vegetation belt of evergreen forests. The dominant species in the forest vegetation include Aleppo pine, holm oak, and myrtle. Among the nearly six hundred higher plants, several Illyrian-Adriatic endemics stand out.
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