Category: Nationally designated areas Country: Croatia

Rijeka Dubrovacka

Lat: 42.67141 Lng: 18.10021
Rijeka Dubrovacka
Protected area Rijeka Dubrovačka is located in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County (Croatia). It is mostly in the form of a bay, submerged river valley with steep sides reaching up to 600 meters in height. This is a typical estuary of the coastal part of Croatia, 5 km in length and 200-300 meters in width, with specific biological and ecological characteristics. Due to minimal tidal fluctuations, it belongs to the group of stratified estuaries and is one of the rare ones directly connected to the open sea.

In the immediate vicinity of the Rijeka Dubrovačka spring, there is a particularly valuable islet covered with reeds and rush. The marshy area around the Rijeka Dubrovačka spring is the habitat of the European pond turtle (Mauremys rivulata), which has its westernmost distribution limit in this region. Moreover, this area is also the habitat of the giant water bug (Belostoma niloticum), the largest insect in our fauna. Due to its proximity to the open sea, the area is a spawning ground for significant fish species (sea bass, mullet, several species of bream). 

This area has been under protection since December 19, 1964.
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