Category: Nationally designated areas Country: Croatia

Sitsko-žutska otocna skupina

Lat: 43.87313 Lng: 15.31962
Sitsko-žutska otocna skupina
Significant Landscape Sitsko-Žutska island group (Značajni krajobraz Sitsko-žutska otočna skupina) was declared a significant landscape in 1967 as part of the Kornati Archipelago Natural Landscape Reserve. The Žutsko-sitska island group comprises a total of 35 islands, not included within the boundaries of the "Kornati" National Park and/or the "Telašćica" Nature Park. It covers an area of 1,933.64 hectares. Žut (Latin: lunctus, moored) is the second-largest island in terms of surface area (14.82 km²) and the second-highest (176 m) in the Kornati Archipelago. It has relatively more cultivable and cleared land. Located adjacent to the island of Kornat, Žut is separated by the Žutski Channel.

This site is particularly important due to its habitats for dolphins and the flowering meadows of Posidonia oceanica, crucial for the survival and reproduction of marine organisms and the maintenance of underwater biodiversity.
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