Category: Nationally designated areas Country: Croatia


Lat: 43.88753 Lng: 15.16531
Tečlascica (Croatia) was declared as the Nature Park in 1988. Three fundamental phenomena represent the basic features of this area. Besides being considered the largest natural harbor in the Adriatic, there are also the cliffs of Dugi Otok or the so-called "stene" and the saltwater lake "Mir" with medicinal qualities.

A significant part of Telašćica belongs to the underwater world, which is well-preserved. Apart from a school of bottlenose dolphins, the seahorse is also interesting, a type of fish that grasps the tips of plants with its tail. The marine life in the park is diverse and rich, with many protected species of shellfish, including noble pen shell, barrel snail, and limpets. The most interesting inhabitant of the underwater world in Telašćica is the endemic and very rare deep-sea carnivorous sponge. Thanks to the rocky bottom, red coral is also visible. Stone corals are found in Telašćica, and it is the only coral that can form coral reefs in the Adriatic.
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