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Prvic i Grgurov kanal

Lat: 44.88966 Lng: 14.78911
Prvic i Grgurov kanal
The Special Reserve – Botanical and Zoological Reserve of Prvić and Grgurov Kanal was protected in 1972. Prvić Island is situated southeast of the island of Krk, separated by the Senjska vrata strait, which is 800 meters wide. It extends in the northwest-southeast direction, covering an area of 14.3 km2. The rare flora and fauna, unique to Prvić, its unusual and deserted appearance, ornithological significance, and intriguing underwater landscape were the reasons for declaring it a special botanical and zoological reserve. The island, along with its adjacent waters and cliffs of Goli Otok and Sv. Grgur, has been preserved as a unique and rare habitat due to its challenging accessibility, adverse maritime conditions (Senjska bura), steep shores, and difficult anchoring.

The total area covered by the special reserve is 70 km2, while the island of Prvić itself has an area of 14.3 km2. The majority of the reserve (~79%) comprises marine areas.
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