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Area marina protetta Torre del Cerrano

Lat: 42.59644 Lng: 14.12197
Area marina protetta Torre del Cerrano
Torre del Cerrano Marine Protected Area is the first marine protected area in Abruzzo (Italy) and the central Adriatic, officially established on April 7, 2010.  It is located between the municipalities of Silvi and Pineto, in the province of Teramo, and includes a coastal strip of about 7 km, from the mouth of the Calvano stream in Pineto to Piazza dei Pini in Silvi.

The reserve protects a unique stretch of sea in Abruzzo, as it is one of the few remaining areas where an almost intact dune environment can be found. The dune area features psammophilous vegetation, including sea lilies, Gargano mullein (Verbascum niveum subsp. garganicum), maritime soldanella, and beach spurge.
The pine forest is characterized by stone pine and Aleppo pine, and the rare beach saffron is also present.
The dune environment of the MPA is characterized by the presence of the Kentish plover, which arrives in spring to nest in these places and then leaves in autumn. The marine environment is populated by common clams, bream, bass, and especially the rare gastropod mollusk Trivia adriatica.
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